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Strategy of Strengthening Local Self Governance
Our activities are based on the fundamental strategy of strengthening Local Self-Government to become inclusive, participatory, just and efficient institutions of the people which address food & livelihood security, health, education and other primary entitlements.
We therefore strive to advocate necessary changes in society and governance so that powers, responsibilities and functions move from the community outwards only on the basis of necessity through concentric tiers of governance, from the local through the state to the national and global.
AHEAD Initiatives’ present work targets the food insecure poor as evinced by the startling data brought to light by the comprehensive Rural Household Survey undertaken in India in 2005. It also intends to advocate this focus as part of its effort to facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Alongside it has launched an effort to forge an alliance of field level organisations which share its belief that development is inexorably linked to local culture and our efforts to define a more sustainable development paradigm need to be rooted in the local cultural context
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