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The recent past has seen the emergence of Panchayati Raj Institutions being more vigorously promoted as the principal proactive stakeholders in poverty alleviation and rural development processes as had been enshrined by the 73rd Amendment of India's constitution. Panchayats (local self government institutions) have been entrusted with the responsibility to implement various development programmes for which they are still ill equipped in terms of experience, capacity or resources for critical gaps.
On the other hand we would do well to remember that NGOs whose role ideally should be temporary and catalytic in nature to provide support in strengthening mainstream participatory democratic processes often evolve into externally funded centres of power. Apart from their lack of accountability and transparency, they more often than not undermine grass root democratically elected people’s institutions by bypassing them and often usurp their decision making authority. Experience has also shown that the efforts of NGOs where not embedded in mainstream institutions and processes are of little lasting value and in the long run unsustainable.
Local Self Governance Approach as a development strategy for NGOs
AHEAD Initiatives believes that a local self governance approach is not only a more sustainable development strategy, but one that will strengthen local self government through supportive partnerships
AHEAD aims to support and foster such CSO - Panchayat Partnerships, which also need to be formulated in the context of the vast number of flagship programmes and concomitant, albeit schematic funds flowing to Gram Panchayats, where there is a lack of capacity within the GP and more so among the poor to participate in the institutions and processes of local self governance so as to benefit from these mainstream resources.
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