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Addressing Hunger
Inspite of the economic growth that India has witnessed, Eastern India still has more than 30% of its population below a poverty line starkly defined as sufficient expenditure for the basic required calorie intake! This grim picture has been further borne out by the National Rural Household Survey which has further elucidated the depth of food insecurity in rural areas. Data on the district wise situation on food insecurity in Bengal illustrates the alarming situation. In India, the government's XIth plan had recognised food security as one of the most urgent items on the national agenda.
Over 70% of the population of Easern India lives in its rural areas which is largely dependant on mono-cropped rain fed agriculture. Its backward districts are also home to a large proportion of minorities including ethnic minorities whose eroding culture was once a resource to combat marginalisation and food insecurity.
Recent trends have focussed on palliatives to address the alarming situation of absolute hunger among the poorest apart from the more widespread food and nutritional insecurity. However, Ahead Initiatives firmly believes in the old adage that it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him a fish
Using Natural resources
Addressing Hunger Empowerment And Development
The mainstay of AHEAD Initiatives field activities is addressing hunger and our strategy advocates a Local Self Governance Approach to sustainable and decentralized Natural Resource Management as the principal means of addressing hunger and food and livelihood insecurity.
To this end AHEAD promotes and facilitates CSO - Panchayat partnerships where access of resources both natural and financial are ensured for the poor through their participation in the sustainable institutions and processes of local self governance.
It also intends to advocate this focus as part of effort to facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
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