Ahead Initiatives brings together over a hundred years of experience in Rural Development, stretching from exemplary grassroots Action Research & Capacity Building to successful evidence based Advocacy, which has led to policy changes in Local Governance.

It has been constituted as a Not-for-Profit Association under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 to ensure greater transparency, accountability and monitoring which would help inspire public confidence and participation. It hopes to transform itself into a widely held Not-for-Profit Association which, while focusing on basic issues of Hunger will also endeavour to bridge the cultural divide and work towards redefining a more sustainable development paradigm.

Ahead Initiatives has been issued a special license (100531) as a Not-for-Profit Association by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi. Its Corporate Identification number (CIN) is U85300WB2009NPL134655 (2009-2010)

Our Committment

... to go to the people,
live among them,
learn from them,
start with what they know,
build on what they have.
... that the best leaders,
when their work is done,
the people all remark,
"We have done it ourselves"

Our Endeavour

To promote a society where people of diverse cultures are able to define their own development paradigm and fulfil their economic, social, cultural, and spiritual aspirations.

Our Objectives

Alleviate poverty by addressing Hunger and Food & Nutritional insecurity as the primary focus of our development endeavour

Engage with development in the context and through the medium of human cultures.


Memorandum & Articles of Association

Our Brochure and Memorandum & Articles of Association

MoA & Brochure Brochure MoA & AoA

Brochure (circa 2008)  /  Memorandum & Articles of Association

Director's Reports and Financial Statements
To build public confidence and elicit greater participation and contribution to our efforts our Director's Reports and audited Financial Statements for the last 3 years are presented below so as to ensure the transparency and accountability necessary when dealing with public funds

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2023
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2022
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2021
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2020
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2019
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2018
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2017