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Printed Materials
Printed Materials we have produced in the past and more recently in english will all be posted here as pdf files. These are itemised below and will open in new browser windows. As most if not all of them are in the public domain, they may be saved or printed for distribution
As our focus has been in Bengal our repositry of printed materials is much more extensive in bengali and is available at the Bengali website link provided.
On Local Self Governance
Third State Finance Commission (SFC) Report. Includes entitlement tables of "untied funds" for local self government, namely, Municipalities, Zilla Parishads, Panchayat Samitis and Gram Panchayats
A Begali translation of the third SFC report for the lay person which includes the recommendations, suggestions and the Action Taken report (ATR) of the government and all entitlement tables
A useful book to understand the history of local governance is Local Government in ancient India Radhakumud Mookerji 1919
... more to be uploaded
On Culture and Development
... more to be uploaded
On Decentralised Natural Resource Management
To be uploaded
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