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Music Videos in Bengali on the environment, education, health, governance, etc.
Baul Song - (Education) Download
Listen to me brother - (Education) Download
Illustrated storytelling - (Environment) Download
About Water - (NRM) Download
Mother Earth - (NRM) Download
Stay Healthy - (Health) Download
Revitalise local governance - (Governance) Download
We strive together - (Governance) Download
Scarcity of Water - (Environment) Download
Beware of the floods - (Environment) Download
Torch in hand we walk forward (Governance) Download
Listen to me fellow villagers - (Governance) Download
Listen Listen Friends - (Governance) Download
New beginings - (Governance) Download
Our development in our hands - (Governance) Download
Audio Resources in Bengali
Swarnalata - (Environment) Download
Latika's Tale - (Health) Download
Changes in the Grassroots - (Governance) Download
Pooja - (Governance) Download
Why Don't we Go ? - (Governance) Download
What our Village Council needs to do - (Governance) Download
Mr. Patalbabu - 1 - (Education) Download
Mr. Patalbabu - 2 - (Governance) Download
Farm with less Water - (NRM) Download
Puti's Mother has Five Goats - (NRM) Download
Parbati - (NRM) Download